Twin Birth Announcement - from Jay & Nicole


Nicole and I have celebrated our 4th year together and we FINALLY 
have something of substance to announce to you...

For the past few years we have lived a rather hectic life, moving here and there & traveling to one place and then another.  Over the past ten months though, we have scaled back our travels and have settled down a bit. 

We also never had a place that was big enough to begin any aspect of family planning.  With the place in Pretoria, we finally have the space ...   




Announcement #1    -     Our First Offspring:


We finally have the space for a garden and, even though this child was an accident, it sure tasted good.  Please, no jokes about us eating our offspring!

As I mentioned in the header of this note, this is a twin announcement.

The second announcement is that we have a new web page for our pictures.
I have been using a free web-hosting company, but it required pop-up ads.  Even though I need to watch my expenses, I figured it was time to spend 
$8/yr and get my own hassle-free address.  Future pictures will be posted at:

Please remember to save this as a "favorite" & to delete the previous address!

I just purchased a new camera, so the photos on the new pages should be a lot better than from the older pages.  I also got new software, which will help  increase the quality of the older pictures.  Now I just need time to work on 
the upgrades ... which will interfere with my effort to lower my golf handicap!

Cheers and Happy Holidays from Jay, Nicole and Blacky

Blacky on Guard; you don't want to mess with him when he is hungry!

Jay in Wisconsin with niece Chelsea. Nicole hinting that her wine glass is empty.