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The jobs we have completed for our clients have ranged from building totally new structures, re-building existing structures, adding onto structures, making decks, re-roofing and of course, re-modeling the insides of homes.

The total re-build of the house above shows how our experience 
and quality work can pay off for you in a short period of time.


Big jobs, like building the storage unit 
to the right, are not our 'bread & butter', 
but we welcome any challenge ... 

... and we may surprise you with 
what we can do for the price!



For the bus garage above, we removed part of the old roof & made it complete.

We attached a new double-car garage for this happy homeowner. 

Custom built garages - Cedar siding with hide-a-room upstairs.



This place had it's old siding
removed (2 layers)
Insulation board as well as new siding applied. 

This place got its ugly, old & leaky roof removed, and a brand new one installed.

We have installed new doors & decks ... some with railings ...

Quick & simple for mobile homes  or  additions to existing decks to for hot tubs.


As far as inside work goes, we can cover any room in the house.

In this case, the kitchen had a water leak... that must have been occurring for quite some time.

A patched wall, upgraded plumbing, new cabinets and a new floor were all in needed to bring this kitchen back to life..

Unfortunately I didn't get an initial picture of this shower, 
but the end result astounded the client.


In this bathroom,

 we replaced the old single pane, wood frame window,

    with a new vinyl double hung, &     water proof vinyl trim


new ceramic tile from tub to ceiling . 

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